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QForm-Extrusion is an advanced software suite that integrates all the features for analysis and optimization of the extrusion processes, for solid, semi-hollow and hollow profiles as well as multi-hole dies. The extruded material can be aluminum alloys, brass, steel and other metals.
QForm-Extrusion has a bearing editor that allows for rapid modification of bearing lengths and angles. The user can quickly experiment with bearing design to see how it affects the material speed and the shape of the extrusion.
The basis for the QForm-Extrusion finite element software computation core is the metal pressure treatment process simulation using the flow theory. Since the seventies Prof. G.Ya. Gun and his associates have been developing this metal forming simulation approach at the Moscow Steel & Alloys Institute. These works were then developed further as simulation software for processes like rolling, extrusion, and forging. 
QForm-Extrusion has done very well in recent benchmarking tests of the various extrusion simulation software available on the market. QForm-Extrusion was able to outperform the other software's and has shown very good results of the simulated profile velocities.
QForm-Extrusion can be integrated with other solutions for achieving the best results, for example with ExtrusionPower for the 3D design of extrusion dies.