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CoCreate Software is used from Turkey's military automotive producer OTOKAR

Several seats of CoCreate OneSpace Designer software is used for the design and manufacturing of OTOKAR's Cobra products.

Being one of the major automotive manufacturers in Turkey, OTOKAR has been providing solutions to its customers both in commercial and military range since 1963.

Cobra has been developed by OTOKAR's research and development team to provide the best solution for the need of the armed forced for wheeled armored vehicles. Cobra attracts interest with its superior maneuvering capability and its high level of ballistic protection as well as its feature of adjustability of the same platform for diverse functions.

It provides great facilities in maintenance and service as it is designed on the same framework and infrastructure and it can be manufactured in many models and types.

The fact that the infrastructure remains the same even in diverse Cobras manufactured for different realms, which, in turn, saves from maintenance and repair works and spare parts, makes Cobra an armored vehicle preferred by many armies.