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This is the 'absolutely' free edition of PTC's "Creo Elements/Direct" and called "Modeling Express"

It is not a time limited shareware or a time-limited subscription, it is a complete freeware and based on the same superior modeling technology "Direct Modeling" like the commercial version.
The total number of parts and assemblies are limited to 60 pieces. This is not a vital problem, as many times we can combine appropriate parts together to avoid this limitation.
It works with an active internet connection, but the user needs to be in the internet only once every 72 hours.

This means just go for 1 second to internet and then you don't need any internet access more in the next 72 hours.

The strong Direct Modeling engine is the same like the commercial version, therefore it is really a good opportunity

For registration and downloading please go to PTC's "Modeling Express" download page.

Free Training Set (English)

Free 3D Models for "Creo Modeling Express"