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SpaceCable 2006 is released - Introducing the next generation of harness design and manufacturing

28th April 2006

BUDAPEST Hungary — April 28, 2006 — MIP Ltd., the 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software company, today announced that the 2006 version of the leading harnessing solution "SpaceCable" for CoCreate's "OneSpace Designer Modeling" is released.
SpaceCable, powerful yet an easy-to-use harnessing solution, gives automated cable route design capabilities fully integrated into CoCreate's OneSpace Designer Modeling.
SpaceCable 2006 is featuring 3 new modules and several enhancements, making the product one of the best harnessing solution in the market.
More information could be found at http://www.spacecable.com

SpaceCable 2006 is the ideal platform for companies striving for shorter "time to market" and "full digital mockup without prototyping" or those who simply want to design better products faster.

Today, most companies design their wire harnesses and cable systems by waiting for a hardware prototype and then manually measuring to determine the wire lengths. The manual nature of the wiring design process typically requires two or three iterations before an acceptable harness is manufactured. This process is time consuming and costly. SpaceCable automatically calculates wire lengths and bundle diameters, checks the design rules, creates harness bill of materials (BOM), cable manufacturing drawings and completes other harnessing related tasks.

According to MIP's SpaceCable product manager Sinan Akyar, it ensures the best performance and significantly reduces overall design time. Contrary to other cabling solutions in the market, which are more or less focussed for how to route a cable, pipe or tube, SpaceCable is covering the technological aspects of the cabling design as well.

Then adds Sinan Akyar "Our Cabling system is a reflection of our efforts in making our customers' lives simpler. Features such as intelligent automatic routing, auto snapin connections, dynamic cabling functionality further push the boundaries in 3D harness design and manufacturing. We are confident that the time and cost-saving benefits of SpaceCable 2006 will be instantly recognised by our customers, both in Europe and abroad."

For example, a midrange car today has 50-100 individual electronic systems that the designer have to connect by wire harnesses, with about 2,500 interconnects. By integrating the electronic and mechanical design environments, SpaceCable helps designers to automate the generation of harnessing, significantly minimizing the chance for errors and reducing engineering time.

SpaceCable targets electro mechanical equipment, machine building and automotive designers, who have traditionally been forced to choose between barely functional tools and expensive, highly specialized applications that don't meet all of their needs.

SpaceCable is an all-inclusive package for customers who need to have a complete set of harnessing tools from ECAD interface to cable manufacturing and eliminates much of the manual work that other routing software requires, all without leaving the OneSpace Designer Modeling environment. This integrated approach helps customers complete harness designs quickly to speed products to market.

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