Application Notes


Subject: How to find the "Hardware ID"  for 'Free Trial' ?

The Creo License Server is installed at the Hardware ID.
(* Ask your system administrator, where the License server is running)

There are 2 types of Hardware ID's for "Creo Elements Direct" products:

1. MSU dongles

These are the dongles, which are connected to the serial interface of a PC.

If you don't have a serial interface at your PC, then you can connect this MSU dongle to an USB interface with the help of an Serial-to-USB' adapter.

This number starts with the caharacters MSU and then 7 numbers are following  ( 'MSU' + 7 numbers)


2. Network cards (LAN ID, Mac address)

This is the Mac address of your network card, where your License server is running.

To find the Mac address open a DOS prompt window and type there

C:\> ipconfig /all

Look at the at the result for the Physical Address (for example 00-60-b0-c1-11-02)

Just mention us this Hardware ID by inserting an '0x' in front of this physical address, for example 0x0060b0c11102