Application Notes

OneSpace Products

Subject: How to use "Formations" Goodie to create Exploded Views?

1) Load the OneSpace Goodie "sd_form"



2) Load the OneSpace Goodie "am_form"



3) These Goodies should be visible at Toolbox


4) Start the "Formations" and enter the owning assembly


5) Enter a name for this particular Formation (e.g. Position1 )





6) Modify the position of the parts in the assembly (This will no affect to the standard formation, as we are currently in the formation "Position1".
Bring all the parts to the exploded position manually or with the help of macros (e.g. SolidGenius)



7) Go to the Annotation and make the standard annotation



9) Start the "Explode" goodie from Toolbox


10) Select "Create" from menu,  enter the Formation "Position1"

11) Enter the direction for "Exploded" View


12) Create the Exploded View on the Standard sheet and update it