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How to localize OneSpace Designer Menu- and Toolbars  (V11) ?



E.g „FileX“ instead of original „File“

MENUBAR  à „win_menubar.def“


E.g „New2 Session“ instead of „New2

TOOLBAR   à “sd_avail_cmds.cmd”





E.g „New3“  instead of original  „New“   à

in file “win_menubar.def”




E.g FilingZZ                        à  “sd_avail_cmds.cmd”

E.g New2 Session                à  “sd_avail_cmds.cmd”

E.g Description : …. XX … à “sd_avail_cmds.cmd”



If user comes on the icon … e.g


.. we see at the bottom explanation-text  “Cleans up …”

This comes also from “sd_avail_cmds.cmd”





If it is set that all customizations will be saved to registry on exit



you will not see the changes made to the files :





because OSD will always read old files from the registry automatically instead of your translated files !


To avoid this, un-check the “Save customizations to registry on exit “ box and delete the registry information with the command



inside OSD directory.


After you are finished, check the “Save customizations to registry on exit “ box again.