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Application Notes

Creo Elements/Direct Drafting

Subject: How to define a toolbox for adding frequently used commands ?

Toolbox  provides a special window from which you can run, view, and administer macros.

Up to 24 macros can be assigned to the Toolbox window and you can define any number of macro-sets that can be called into Toolbox.

The Toolbox window can also be repositioned. This is particularly useful when recording macros because you need to make all Toolbox commands visible.

Toolbox file contains 2 entries for each command

1. The name of the command  (up to six characters long, red in the example below)

2. The executing commands (blue in the example below)


Here is the content of one example toolbox file

STORE MI ALL DEL_OLD Fbt_dtabs_all_on 0

The toolbox file can be then loaded with the command input_toolbox

You can also put this input_toolbox command the customize.m file, if you want to start "Drafting" with this toolbox permanently.

At the Ribbon UI, Toolbox is found at the tab "Miscellaneous" and group "System"