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Eł.formboard is a software solution for the creation of nailboard displays required in the manufacturing of wire and cable harnesses. Eł.formboard is an add-on module to Eł.cable.

For the manufacturing of wire harnesses a scaled 1:1 drawing is necessary. The Formboard drawing is used to create the harness and to fix the individual branches.

Eł.formboard helps to create connector tables automatically, graphically display manufacturing and displayed lengths, apply automatic stretching and compressing to cables, as well as rotate the cable branches.

  • Define the manufacturing length definition on any segment
  • Automatically adjust segment adjustment
  • Predefine adjustment direction
  • Create dynamic connector tables
  • Easily rotate branches
  • Carry-out wire assignment in connector tables
  • Addition of cable protection (e.g. shrinking tubes) and fasteners
  • Addition of nail points and branch attributes