MIP has the solution for your activity whether you work one or a number of different industries.

Our easy to use solutions help manufacturing and engineering companies, improve the efficiency, productivity and quality, enabling them to reduce their costs and compete more effectively in today’s tough business climate. 

MIP's software solutions are used across a diverse range of industries all of which face a unique set of challenges in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. We have customers in each of these industries trying  to find solutions to their toughest engineering problems.

3D Cabling

Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering disciplines are getting more and more closer to each other every year, Cables are the media which connect these both worlds
Our product "SpaceCable" is a 3D CAD solution for creating cablings and wire harnesses and includes all the modern technologies for harness design, like auto-routing, bi-directional interface to any ECAD System, flattening of the harness, electrical libraries etc.
We have extensive knowledge for the Cabling requirements in the automotive industry.
More information can be obtained from SpaceCable

Aluminium Extrusion Die Design

When we have first started to program a CAD solution for the creation of Aluminium Extrusion Dies, nobody could believe, that such a solution can be made, as the die design+manufacturing is practiced differently from each die maker and the area itself is very technology oriented and need to be in a close contact with CAM and FEA solutions. 
Our programmers are indeed mechanical engineers with a deep knowledge in Aluminium Extrusion Die Manufacturing and not IT people.MIP Group is giving a dedicated importance for R&D activities for the die design, manufacturing and analysis requirements of the aluminium extrusion industry.
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Progressive Die Design

Now more than ever, tool-makers are facing major challenges with the emergence of new players and pricing pressures. Above all, the issues to improve product quality, reduce time and lower costs are still very critical. Progressive dies are used in higher-volume production and are designed to operate at high rates of speed. Our solution "ProgressivePower" is an advanced 3D CAD solution for Progressive Die Creation, from strip layout to complete die sets.
The easy-to-use interface helps to create complete strip layouts, choosing the correct die-set element and building up complete progressive dieset assemblies quick and easy.
More information can be obtained from ProgressivePower

General Machinery

Currently the lead times are getting shorter and time-to-market strategies are gaining importance. Companies working in the are of general machinery are in search of powerful and reliable software solutions, which can help them to be competitive in such a challenging market. Creo Elements/Direct is ideal in this environment, providing easy to use direct modeling capabilities.
More information can be obtained from Creo Elements/Direct

Complex Machining (CAM)

Nowadays advanced CAM systems are used for significant reductions in costs and lead times.
Our flagship product for high speed complex machining is WorkNC. WorkNC generates high-performance, automated tool paths offering reduced machining times, longer tool service life, high quality surface finish, better use of machine resources and quick and simple CNC programming. Spectacular gains in productivity have been achieved, which contribute to making WorkNC the closest system to a 'one click CAM solution'.
More information can be obtained from WorkNC

Dental CAD/CAM

CAD CAM Dental is a new technologic area, which is quickly adopted by Dentists, Dental laboratories, Dental milling centers and Dental machine tool manufacturers around the world, who have been quick to recognize the advantages of an open, easy to use, accurate and reliable dental CAD/CAM solution.
For this industry we offer WorkNC Dental, a CAD/CAM software solution for automatic machining of prosthetic appliances, implants or structures. WorkNC Dental can extract and repair where necessary, a model suitable for manufacture. Machining routines up to full 5-axis ensure high speed production and best accuracy of the part.
More information's can be obtained from WorkNC Dental

Footwear Industry

Financial success in the footwear industry requires advanced software technologies. Companies are looking for significant reductions in costs and lead times, thus taking a closer look to all the steps of the production process in order to identify opportunities for reducing cycle times.  For reducing time to market product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions are applied more and more.
Several software solutions in the area of shoe design and manufacturing are developed from MIP, from shoe production documentation to heel design and manufacturing
More information can be obtained from ShoeCenter

Electrical and Electronics Industry

Today’s marketplace for high tech electronics—from consumer electronics to power and control instruments—demands smaller, lighter weight products with advanced features.
Product lifecycles are short, so time to market is of crucial importance. Users of our Cabling product have reported a significant reduction of lead times through the software’s reliability and fast calculation times.

More information can be obtained from E3-Series