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Zuken's Eł.series software suite features professional solutions for electrical and electronical engineering, like
- Schematics
- Structuring of  cables and cable harnesses

- Cabinet-layout design
- Design of hydraulic and pneumatic systems

- Creation of nailboard displays



Depending on the company's structure, specific tasks can thus be accomplished optimally and relevant data can be exchanged.

A bi-directional COM interface allows you to directly access the object-oriented data storage of Eł. The systems' strengths lie both in the user-friendly interface and its functionality that complies absolutely with the requirements of the professional user. Online cross-references and controls as well as cable- and terminal diagrams help you save time and costs. Interfaces integrated within Eł.Schema provide the capability for importing and exporting DWG / DXF / EXF data and the further processing of connection-and component information for control panel layout and thus the control of cable processing machines.