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Creo Elements/Direct (previously CoCreate) Informations
Modeling (previous name SolidDesigner) General Subjects
Supported Platforms V20.2 How to determine the Hardware ID ?
Supported Platforms V19 How can I change the location of the License Server ?
Supported Platforms V18.10 Which USB adapters are supported for MSU dongles ?
Supported Platforms V17 Why I can not see the content of the help file (*.chm) ?
Startup problems related to user customization folders ? How can I get my purchased licenses from PTC internet site?
How are the Surfacing commands working ?  
How is possible to save and load customization files (V11) ? Drafting (previous name ME10)
How to use "Formations" Goodie to create Exploded Views ? Supported Platforms for Drafting V20
How to localize menubars and toolbars (V11) ? Supported Platforms for Drafting V19

Graphical performance on different Hardware configurations ?

Installation Guide English (V16) Which tablets are supported from CoCreate Drafting (V14) ?
How to start "CoCreate Modeling" without default part and workplane? How can I publish ME drawings to web ?
CoCreate CAD - CAD Recommended IGES settings How can I correct scale mistake at DXF/DWG translation ?
A required resource was unavailable  
How to put the scratch directory for Finite Element Analysis?  
Quick Reference Card_English V20 Quick Reference Card_German_V20  
Quick Reference Card_Japanese_V20 Quick Reference_Card_Chinese:V20 Installation Guide English (V18.10)
Quick Reference Card_French_V20 Quick Reference Card_Italian_V20 Installation Guide English (V20)       Installation Guide German (V20)
Quick Reference Card English V19 Quick Reference Card German V19  
Quick Reference Card English V18 Quick Reference Card English V17 Quick Reference Card English (V20)

How to work with "Mixed Display" modes (V16) ?

Understand and Remove "Edge is short" notes (V16)? How can I plot in PDF from CoCreate Drafting ?
How to work with "Align" command (V16) ? How to define a toolbox for adding frequently used commands ?
How to modify blends coming from other CAD Systems (V16) ?  
Handling clashing parts when generating drawings What to do, if you don't see the line colors in the classical UI (V19)?
How to open the "License Server" Port (Windows 7)? How can I take out the Drafting license from Modeling ?
How does the "Pull" command work (V17) ?
How to delete command items from a toolbar? Model Manager
Simplification: How to reduce the level of detail (V16) ? Which platforms are supported from Model Manager V18.10 ?
What do "Check Part" messages mean (V16) ? Which platforms are supported from Model Manager V17 ?
How to start an application automatically everytime I start Creo Elements/Direct Modeling (V20)? Which platforms are supported from Model Manager V15 ?
LISP Programming examples  
To create an outside metric thread for cylindrical surfaces Download links
To create a workplane by point +direction + tangent to a curved surface Download address for SQL Server 2005 Express Edition
To change spline colours in relation to their names Download address for SQL Server 2008 Express Edition
  Download link for MS MPI V8
General Knowledge Download address for Creo View Express

What is Finite Elements Analysis (FEA) ?

The difference between concurrent and sequential engineering ?